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Light Switch & Dimmer Installation

Your light switch and dimmer selection can greatly improve the overall efficiency and performance of your lighting system. Whether your project is residential and smaller in scope, or commercial/industrial and enormous in size, you can rely on The Bulb Guys for expert light switch and dimmer installations. We’ll help you come up with the best possible configuration for all your switches and dimmers, and help you determine the right type and number of fixtures to use.From start to finish, you can count on our experience and know-how on "how to get it done right". Contact us for all your light switch and dimmer installation needs.

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How do I know if my light switch needs replacing?

If you are experiencing flickering -- lights that take a while to turn on or won't turn on at all, typically, a simple bulb change should do the trick. If not, then you may need to replace the switch. If the switch is sparking, making noise, or getting warm, it's time for a new switch.

What is a light dimmer?

A light dimmer is a device that connects to your light fixture and allows you to control the amount of light a fixture creates at any given time. A light dimmer can also be used to create a certain atmosphere or to save you money.

Why should I install dimmers?

There are some excellent reasons to install dimmers as part of your home or commercial lighting scheme. First, dimmers allow you to conserve energy and preserve bulb life by not operating them at full power all of the time. Additionally, dim lights can make for a more comfortable ambiance when setting the tone for parties and gatherings.

What is accent lighting?

Accent lighting is typically used to highlight points of visual interest in a room, requiring as much as three times the amount of light on the focal point than the general light surrounding it. Accent lighting can be used to highlight plants, paintings, sculptures, and any other prized possessions that you want to use to create drama in a space. This can usually be achieved through the use of recessed and track lighting or wall-mounted picture lighting.

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