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Full-Service Lighting Solutions

Whether your lighting project is residential or commercial, no job is too big or too small for The Bulb Guys -- we are here to help. From replacement bulbs, to the rewiring or re-configuration of an entire commercial or industrial facility, we can handle it all. With professional, reliable service from start to finish, you can count on our full service lighting solutions.

  • Assessment of your present lighting configuration
  • Assistance with design and re-configuration of wiring and fixture selection
  • Recommendations for light types - sizes and selection of bulbs and ballasts
  • Assistance with rebates and incentive programs for lighting upgrades and retrofits

Key Benefits

Keeping your eye on the ball while performing a deep dive on the start-up mentality to derive convergence on cross-platform integration.

More Information

Do The Bulb Guys do residential lighting?

Yes, we do! Whether you are looking to install new lighting fixtures and elements, looking to retrofit an outdated lighting system, or anything in between The Bulb Guys can help.

What about commercial lighting?

Absolutely! If you are looking for creative commercial lighting solutions we’ve got your back. The Bulb Guys can guide you through some energy-efficient upgrades that could save you thousands and qualify your business for rebates and incentives. Excellent lighting solutions can help increase productivity and decrease energy costs.

What is light fixture retrofitting?

Retrofitting is the act of taking old light fixtures and updating them to make them more energy efficient. Over time, the savings in energy costs alone will offset the initial set-up costs. In addition, you may even qualify for grants and reimbursements meant to encourage energy efficiency in homes, commercial settings and building upgrades.

How do I decide what type of lighting to use?

There are complex calculations that professionals like The Bulb Guys use to figure out how many lumens are needed to make sure a room is well lit. A good rule of thumb is that for a bedroom or any similar-sized space, a fixture with three light bulbs will provide an adequate amount of ambient lighting. For an open concept living space that is a bit larger, a fixture with five light bulbs would be more appropriate. Of course, The Bulb Guys are always here to help you figure that out.

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