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Fixture Installation

We provide top-quality fixture installation for all your new or retrofit lighting projects. Selecting the right fixture is an important part of the process. Installing it properly and safely is the next step and is essential for proper and reliable long-term performance of your lighting system.

Choose from our vast selection of high-quality fixtures. We can help you develop the perfect configuration for any residential or commercial setting. Next, we can do the installation for you. Not only will we make sure you have the right products but also the desired end result - a high quality lighting project from start to finish, including all the right fixtures, expertly installed. We stand behind our reputation for quality fixture installation for all our customers.

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More Information

How are pendant lights different from chandeliers?

While both styles of lighting are suspended from the ceiling, a pendant light only has a single bulb whereas a chandelier incorporates multiple bulbs to give off more light. A chandelier is an excellent source of ambient lighting while a pendant is better used for task or accent lighting.

What is recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting is lighting that is fixed directly into hallow spaces like a ceiling, wall, or other surfaces. This style of lighting is minimalistic eliminating the look of the fixture altogether. Recessed lighting is a versatile choice as it can act as ambient, accent, and task lighting.

How do I decide what type of lighting to use?

There are complex calculations that professionals like The Bulb Guys use to figure out how many lumens a space needs to be well lit. A good rule of thumb is that for a bedroom or any similar sized space, a fixture with three light bulbs will provide an adequate amount of ambient lighting. For an open concept living space that is a little larger, a fixture with five light bulbs would be more appropriate. Of course, The Bulb Guys are always here to help you figure that out.

What is light fixture retrofitting?

Retrofitting is the act of taking old light fixtures and updating them to make them more energy efficient. Over time, the savings in energy costs alone will offset the initial setup costs. In addition, you may even qualify for grants and reimbursements meant to encourage energy efficiency in home and building upgrades.

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