High ceilings are delightful because they give such a sense of open, airy space to a room However, there are some potential problems with high ceilings when it’s time to change a light bulb.

Changing a light bulb can be difficult if your ceiling is 12 feet or higher. That small step-stool won’t work, and balancing a chair on your countertop is a recipe for disaster.  

As long as you’ve got the right tools, it shouldn’t be difficult or dangerous to change light bulbs in a 12ft plus high ceiling. To replace high ceiling light bulbs, there are a few things that need to be considered before attempting the job.

Considerations on Changing Light Bulbs in High Ceilings

A high ceiling ladder is the most delicate technique to use when changing a light bulb. They are similar to regular ladders but taller, more stable, and designed for high places.  

Using a tall ladder is a great option for changing your light bulbs in high ceiling areas, for both recessed lighting and chandeliers. You just need to make sure that the steps are wide and deep enough for you to safely access it even if you’re up on an unstable step stool.

Because ladders are bulky when transporting them, you’ll need to make sure that the one you choose is lightweight enough for you handle safely on your own as well as tall enough for changing high ceiling lights.  

It would be best if you had a ladder four feet shorter than the ceiling when changing a lightbulb. For example, a 12-foot ladder is required to replace a bulb in a 16-foot ceiling and a 16-foot ladder is required for a 20-foot ceiling.  

High ladders are plentiful and most are very inexpensive.

Changing Light Bulbs in High Ceilings without a Ladder

A ladder may not be tall enough to change a light bulb in a two-story entryway or a 30-foot ceiling. Take measurements first to determine whether it’s a job for a DIY enthusiast using a tool and ladder, or if it requires you to call in a professional electrician or handyman for assistance.

The lowest cost and often most convenient method to use is a Bulb Changing Pole with grabber. It’s a long pole with a grabber on the end to unscrew the old bulb and replace with a new bulb. Grabbers are attached to a pole so they can be easily moved into position, which is perfect for changing light bulbs in hard-to-reach areas such as roof spaces or high ceilings. 

It’s important that you choose the right size grabber, though, as these vary depending on how big or small your ceiling lights are and also what type of bulb it is that you’re changing

Bulb changing poles are available for sale in many different shapes and sizes, some with telescopic handles or shorter options that can be stored easily away when not needed. Platforms are also great for changing light bulbs on downlights and recessed ceiling lights that have been installed into 20ft plus high ceilings.

When should I call a professional to Change a Light Bulb?

If you’re in need of a high-rise light bulb replacement, there is no shame in hiring a professional. Assess the situation and determine if you’re able to do it on your own or if you’d be better off calling in a professional. A local handyman would be qualified to use a platform to replace bulbs and it would be cheaper than using an electrician who is not really needed for such a simple task.

Tips & Tricks to Change Light Bulbs Quickly & Safely

It’s important to check that the power is off before you start changing your light bulbs. This will protect you from electrical shock and also stop a potential fire if something goes wrong while swapping your LED replacement lamps. 

In addition, check to make sure the old bulbs have cooled down.  It’s not good to swap hot replacement lamps as this can cause damage and it also poses a potential fire hazard if anything goes wrong while fitting the new lamp

Another crucial suggestion is to use the correct wattage bulb. The original box that the light came in should provide the wattage. If you don’t have the box, a lamp bulb should be 60-75 watts. On the other hand, a ceiling light will be 75-100 watts. In most circumstances, keep it under 100 watts. Incorrect wattage is a sure method to start a fire.

Finally, to securely remove a broken bulb, you’ll need gloves and half a potato. That’s right. Put on your gloves and place the potato near the shattered glass. It’ll push into the potato and allow you to remove it from the socket without risking finger slashing.


In conclusion, you should be able to change a high-ceiling light bulb yourself. Most people can use a regular ladder or high ladder, in addition to the other aforementioned tools.  If you’re not able to DIY, call a handyman to assist. Finally, follow the tips and tricks to ensure safety and security when replacing high-ceiling light bulbs.