Where would I use pendant lights?

Pendant lights are most commonly used above kitchen islands and tables, usually grouped with two or more to add further illumination. Pendant lighting is also a popular choice for smaller spaces like powder rooms or entryways.

How are pendant lights different from chandeliers?

While both styles of lighting are suspended from the ceiling, a pendant light only has a single bulb whereas a chandelier incorporates multiple bulbs to give off more light. A chandelier is an excellent source of ambient lighting while a pendant is better used for task or accent lighting.

What is pendant lighting?

A pendant light is a lone light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling. Usually by a cord, chain, or rod. Typically pendant lights only have one single bulb incorporated into their design. They concentrate light in a downward motion making them an excellent option for task and accent lighting.

Why should I install dimmers?

There are some excellent reasons to install dimmers as part of your home or commercial lighting scheme. First, dimmers allow you to conserve energy and preserve bulb life by not operating them at full power all of the time. Additionally, dim lights can make for a more comfortable ambiance when setting the tone for parties […]

What are dimmers?

Light dimmers are devices that are connected to your light fixtures which allow you to control the amount of light that fixture creates at any given time. They can be used to increase and decrease the brightness of light emitted to create atmosphere and save energy.

How do I decide what type of lighting to use?

There are complex calculations that professionals like The Bulb Guys use to figure out how many lumens a space needs to be well lit. A good rule of thumb is that for a bedroom or any similar sized space, a fixture with three light bulbs will provide an adequate amount of ambient lighting. For an […]

What is accent lighting?

Accent lighting is typically used to highlight points of visual interest in a room, requiring as much as three times the amount of light on the focal point than the general light surrounding it. Accent lighting can be used to highlight plants, paintings, sculptures, and any other prized possessions that you want to use to […]

What is task lighting?

Task lighting is designed to help you perform specific tasks like reading, homework, cooking, grooming, etc. This lighting should be bright enough to prevent eye strain but free of distracting glare and shadows. You can add task lighting through the use of recessed lighting, pendants, track lighting, and floor and desk lamps.

What is ambient lighting?

Ambient, or general lighting, gives a space overall illumination with a comfortable level of brightness. Ambient lighting creates enough light to see and walk around safely, without glare. This can usually be achieved with ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, chandeliers, recessed, or track lighting.

What kinds of lighting are there?

With any good lighting scheme, there are three lighting types that should be worked into an area. Ambient lighting Task Lighting Accent Lighting A lighting plan that incorporates all of these types of lighting will be bright enough to see and move safely, focus on your tasks without added glare, and highlight the unique elements […]