Do The Bulb Guys do commercial lighting?

Absolutely! If you are looking for creative commercial lighting solutions we’ve got your back. The Bulb Guys can guide you through some energy-efficient upgrades that could save you thousands and qualify your business for rebates and incentives. Excellent lighting solutions can help increase productivity and decrease energy costs.

Do The Bulb Guys do residential lighting?

Yes, we do! Whether you are looking to install new lighting fixtures and elements, looking to retrofit an outdated lighting system, or anything in between The Bulb Guys can help. 

How do I know if my CO2 monitor or fire alarm needs replacing?

If you begin to hear beeps roughly one minute apart, your CO2 monitor or fire alarm may just need a simple battery change. If you have changed the batteries and the beeping either has not stopped or won’t beep at all following a test, they may need to be replaced.

How do I know if my power outlets need replacing?

There are some pretty obvious tell-tale signs that a power outlet may need to be replaced. If it’s not working, burnt, cracked, sparking, or smoking, if plugs come loose, two-pronged, or if it comes loose itself you may want to consider an upgrade.

What is recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting is lighting that is fixed directly into hallow spaces like a ceiling, wall, or other surfaces. This style of lighting is minimalistic eliminating the look of the fixture altogether. Recessed lighting is a versatile choice as it can act as ambient, accent, and task lighting.

Where would I use track lightning?

Track lighting is incredibly versatile making it workable in almost any space. Whether you are creating light in a big or small space you can add as many or as few light fixtures to a track lighting system as you want.

What are the benefits of installing track lighting?

There are multiple benefits to installing track lighting. They are versatile and come in virtually any material or style being easily workable into your home design. They are movable so they can be used to highlight specific features. Additionally, they are excellent options for any type of lighting be it ambient, task, or accent.

What is track lighting?

Track lighting is a lighting system where fixtures are attached to a continuous track. This allows electricity to be conducted to all light fixtures at the same time rather than on an individual basis. Track lighting became a popular option due to its versatility. Track lighting systems can act as ambient, task, and accent lighting […]

What are the rules for installing pendant lights?

Generally speaking, a pendant light should be hung around 60-66 inches above the ground. Enough space for people to walk under without hitting their heads. If hanging above a table or counter, you will want to aim for 30 inches above the table.

Why should I install pendant lights?

Pendant lights are a quick and easy install so they are a great option to spruce up your space with little effort. Additionally, pendant lights allow you to focus the light in a downward direction making them an excellent choice for task lighting.